Who made my clothes?

We are a Dutch fashion brand with a great love for beautiful natural fabrics. Carefully made pieces that are part of a wardrobe for years. We believe in timeless pieces over trending items. Our main goal is to create a sustainable wardrobe for every woman. Beautiful pieces to create stylish combinations, every day. Women who believe in a solid basic collection that always makes you look good.

Our dream is to give every woman the best feeling about herself, about her abilities in (working) life. To strengthen her self-confidence, so she can be the best version of herself. We believe that you feel stronger and more powerful and beautiful when you wear a stylish combination of Femmes du Sud.

Who made my clothes?


For our silk (blend) and cotton products we work together with a family company in Turkey.
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For our knitwear we work together with a family company in The Netherlands. They have 2 factories in Servia and Litouwen.
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For our tailoring (suits, blazers, trousers, skirts) we work together with a family company in Portugal and with a stylish atelier in Italy.
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For our handmade shoes and boots we work together with a family business in Portugal.
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For our hand knitted items we work together with a couple of Dutch ladies.
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Slow Fashion

Slow down on following trends. The average piece of clothing is worn just 14 times. We want to increase this by at least 14 extra times.

How? By using the best materials, be on trend but not too trendy and to make collections which fits with the previous ones. So you can build a sustainable wardrobe.

We try to work as sustainable as possible. We are not an eco label, but that does not stop us from always taking a critical look at our processes and the materials we work with. We are also always looking for improvements, no matter how small.

For us, sustainable means that the items lasts a long time. That is why we use the best quality fabrics. This way you can add a few new items to your own collection every season and build a sustainable wardrobe. We produce in Europe, where people work under good conditions. We want to be transparent and that’s why every item has an QR code to see where the item is made.


Local production: all of our products are made in Europe and Turkey, keeping distances short. Our products are transported to our warehouses and shops by land, not by air.

We are loyal. Many of our manufacturing partners have been with us for many years, and we see them as part of the family. These relationships are built on trust. For us, sustainability also means creating the same conditions for all workers. Today and tomorrow.

Our whislist

We have different wishes to improve our sustainability. Because we cannot improve everything at the same time, we made a wishlist for the next years.

– 100% reclycled packaging

– increase the eco friendly fabrics with 30%

– Add a service for alterations and repair so the items will last longer.

– Improve our year to year concept