It's not every day you start a new label. Of course we love fashion ourselves. Even more so we love beautiful fabrics, carefully made pieces that are part of a wardrobe for years. Timeless pieces that can also be fashionable, but we don't follow trends blindly. We strongly believe in a 10 pieces wardrobe. Even if it's secretly 30 pieces.

Annemiek worked for years in fashion, Karin has a strong commercial drive, together we have been Femmes du Sud since 2012: a rapidly growing label with its own vision and story. With a small professional team we do everything in-house: we develop the colors, determine the silhouette, talk to the suppliers we work with and of course travel a few times a year. Because inspiration is mainly found outside your comfort zone.

Effortlessly make stylish combinations, that's what we stand for


Our label stands for feminine items with a luxurious look that are all of high quality. Everything is made of natural, soft materials like beautiful wool from Italy and silk from Turkey. With an eye for details that make a difference and a lot of love for honest craftsmanship and handmade items from Europe. You are as good as your last collection, we always say, reason for us to work hard and develop even more beautiful items every time. Twice a year we bring out a new collection, each consisting of around forty styles, all of which are in line with the previous collections.


Who do you make these items for, we are often asked. For ourselves, we said in the beginning. But especially for all those other busy, hardworking women who want to look great every day and don't have time to think about it. Women who understand that it makes more sense to spend a few times a year a little more money on our items than to buy all kinds of cheap fashion. Who, like us, believe in a solid basic collection that you can always wear well. Whether that is a woman of under 20 or over 60, it does not matter.


Yes, of course everyone says that. But we just really are. Committed to the studios we work with. 

We firmly believe in sustainability, but that word is so loaded. For us sustainability means that we produce in Europe, where people work under good conditions. We have been working with the same manufacturers for years and so we work together on better alternatives in raw materials and material use. Our goal is to increase the use of environmentally friendly materials. The demand for sustainable fabrics is growing, so we have more opportunities available for sustainably produced collections.

For us, sustainable also means that the clothing lasts a long time. That is why we use the best quality fabrics, often from Italy. This way, you can complement your own collection with a few new items every season and build a sustainable wardrobe. That is why we always make sure that items from different seasons match each other. We spend a lot of time and attention to this. We are proud of that.